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What We Do

What we do now, Echoes in Eternity


It is observed that children especially from the lower income family in the slums and pavements dropout the school as they have financial problem in the family. They include single parental child, the father may be sick and the mother who goes for domestic work or labour work may be the only income for the family. The income of the family may be very low and the number of children depending on the small income for their educational nutritional and medical needs may be more. In some cases the elder children are kept at home to take care of the younger ones when the father or mother goes to work and they are denied education. As our mission is education for all we help such children in these poor families to go to school by supporting them financially for their school fees.


We believe that education is the pillar to success. A change (PARIVARTAN) in the community/society can be possible only through education. We find many children in the slums and pavements idling their time without going to school due to various domestic problems. We felt the importance of education in these children for their future and admits them in the balwadi run by us with the consent of their elders so that they can at least learn the basic of alphabets and numerals. Our balwadi also prepares them for admission to higher standards in the regular schools. To encourage these children to come regularly to balwadi free one time nutrition by way of snacks and free educational kits are provided to them. Awareness programmes are held during the meetings with the parents of these children and the importance of education is explained to them. For the convenient of the children the balwadi is being conducted in the slum itself.


There are many families in the slums and pavements who are unable to earn their daily bread due to unemployment, absconded by the husband leaving the mother and children at no end, sickly father or mother, highly alcoholic husband etc . Due to these reasons many a times the children in the family do not get timely food and they go from house to house begging in order to get one time food or wait till the mother comes from work with the leftover food which the employer gives. There are families who do only have one time food as the income is very low. Even though in single parented families the single parent goes to work and as they live in rented house major part of their income goes for their house rent, electricity bill etc. and with the small amount left they have to manage the monthly expenses. Seeing the pathetic situation we provide monetary help by proving these selected families with Rs. 1200 per month for their nutrition. The amount is paid to them against the ration bill presented. We also have a saving scheme for these families where Rs.200/- is being saved for them in their bank account every month so that it can be used in case of very emergency need.


We support the disabled children for their education, artificial limps , wheel chairs, crutches etc. with the support from the donors. The support depends on the donor who donates for the particular case. If the disabled child is a school going child in our working area the educational cost is being taken care of by us as per their financial situation. This project aims to make the young handicapped self reliant.


Home visits of the beneficiaries are done once in a month by us and evaluate the progress in the family, Discuss about their needs and the donors sre informed accordingly.


At times people in the slums die a tragic death due to unavailability of timely medical care. Due to poverty in the family they are not able to get timely medical care as the medical cost is very high especially in the private hospitals. Even though there are Government hospitals the people hesitate to go there because no much attention is given and most of the times medicines are prescribed from outside and as these poor do not have the finance to purchase these medicines they do not bother to buy the same.In some cases the disease is not diagonised properly because they go to the less qualified doctor where they can get cheap medicines and due to this their health worsens and dies a tragic death. In some cases these poor never consult a doctor for their problem instead they buy medicines from the medical stores explaining their problems and their health issue gets more complicated due to wrong medicines. We seeing this situation of the poor and downtrodden has started a medical project. We have appointed a doctor in the slum where his clinic functions from 10.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Patients are examined and free medicines are provided to them. In case the medicines are not available in the clinic the same is prescribed from outside and these patients can get these medicines s from the medical store free of cost. The payment for these medicines are paid on monthly basis to the medical store by us. If a patient needs more investigations like blood test, sonography etc. we also support them financially for the same under this project. If there are any critical cases needing more attention they are referred to Government hospitals and the follow up is done by us.


Families or individuals who are in emergency need for their major operations like heart surgery, cancer treatment, accident etc. are provided with financial support for the same by us. Priority is being given to youngsters and students who suffer due to financial problems. Support for house repairs, further education, nutrition etc. are also given to the needy depending on the financial situation of the family.